Bulk Medicinal Herb Seeds

Granted that careful planting of a small packet of seeds sometimes gives more results than a haphazard planting of a much greater number of the same seeds, yet still, it is nice to have access to larger quantities of seeds. Often labor and materials may be minimized and plant happiness maximized by planting directly in the garden or field, and this requires more seeds than when one uses a more controlled greenhouse technique. Also, those of you planning commercial grows in larger greenhouses need more seed. When I started making larger lots of seeds available for general distribution, I wanted to provide the kind of service that I needed 30 years ago when I started wholesale planting of medicinal herbs. It was hard to find, for instance, marshmallow seeds, no less top quality certified organic marshmallow seeds in bulk. I am excited to now be able to provide this service! As a seed planter, I find it to be very useful to know both the weight of the seed I'm using as well as the seed count, so have provided this information, which should make it easier to plan your purchase. I welcome you direct-seeders, market growers and others with big vision to take advantage of the bulk medicinal herb seeds provided on these pages. Plant on!

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