Melilot, Yellow (Melilotus officinalis) seeds, Organic


Family:  Legume (Fabaceae)

90 day annual or biennial overwintering in zones 4 to 10

Nitrogen fixing leguminous covercrop and medicinal herb, native to Eurasia, flowering yellow to a height of 40 inches.  The flowers attract and feed honeybees, tachinid flies and large predatory wasps.  The plants emit the sweet scent of coumarin.  As a cover crop, I find these to be particularly well suited to poor soil areas.  Phytoremediation–used to detoxify dioxin spills.  In nature, the plant will propagate itself in the most unlikely of places, like sand piles left roadside by the county road crew.  Traditional use (TWM): Blood thinner used in cases of varicosities, thrombosis, hemorrhoids.  Don’t use this plant concurrently with pharmaceutical blood thinners.  Some people use this herb as a culinary spice, lending a unique taste to protein dishes, omelets.  Plant prefers full sun to part shade and very fast draining, calcareous soils. Scarify the seeds on sandpaper, soak overnight and sow just sub-surface, tamping well.  Keep warm (ideally 68 degrees F) until germination, which is rapid.  These are commonly planted in situ in the spring garden.  Spacing is not critical, but ideally, space plants 6 inches apart.

packet contains 100 seeds
5 g contains ~2,500 seeds
10 g contains ~5,000 seeds

Certified Organically Grown