Shipping Policy


We use primarily USPS to ship seeds and plants and UPS to ship large boxes containing tincture presses or seed cleaning screens. Please fill out your name and address accordingly (i.e. give us your PO box number or other valid mailing address if you are ordering seeds and plants, and give us your street address if ordering large items—or if you specify delivery via UPS). If you want your goods to go UPS instead of US MAIL, then choose UPS shipping at checkout—shipping cost then will be adjusted accordingly based on your choice of carrier.

Please use the ORDER NOTES field at checkout to give special shipping instructions.

Bulk Seed and Plant/Root Orders

Bulk seed orders (1 g or more) and all orders containing potted plants or roots will be charged for shipping based on quantity and/or weight. All shipping charges may be reviewed in the shopping cart prior to order finalization.

Free Domestic Shipping via USPS on the Following Orders:

  • Seed packet only orders (including seed collections) $20.00 or more
  • Tincture presses (including parts and accessories)
  • Stainless steel screens
  • All books

How We Handle Orders Containing Multiple Types of Products

Orders containing two or more types of product (e.g. seeds and plants) will almost certainly be shipped separately. If you order seeds and plants or roots and receive only the seeds, please rest assured that the plants or roots will ship in good time.* Each shipment will generate an e-mail that gives tracking for that shipment only. The auto-text on these e-mails, and messaging on our website, may say “Order Complete,” but this only means that the part of the order you are receiving is complete. Rest assured you will receive all items in proper order.

*Please note that plants and roots are seasonal items. They’re going to be automatically back-ordered when you purchase them during off-season. Generally, we start shipping plants/roots in mid-March every spring and take a break during the heat of the summer. We then resume plant/root shipping in early September and stop shipping in late November. The estimated shipping time is listed on the item page during off-season.

International Orders

Plant shipping Strictly Medicinal Seeds

As of 3/25/2021 and ongoing, international seed orders including Canada are made at buyer’s own risk.  We cannot guarantee delivery and in the case of non-delivery there will be no refunds or re-sends.  We will receive and ship orders as always, but cannot account for the actions of foreign customs or Ag., which is the reason for this non-guarantee.

International orders (no live roots or plants) are shipped via AIR MAIL only and we do not provide phytosanitary certificates. Due to new, extremely stringent regulations, we cannot successfully ship seeds to: The EU, Montenegro or Scandinavia, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Arabia, Mexico, Central and South America or Africa. We still ship with some success to: Canada, Asia, and European countries not in the EU.

We sadly regret not being able to disseminate seeds more freely, and hope that our gardening friends living in places that will not accept seed shipments have made good use of what they received from us in the past and will continue to save seeds and support biodiversity on a local level.