Growing Echinacea from seed can be challenging, and so with this offering of multiple species of this truly North American wildflower, we hope to bring the diversity of the several native land races into more gardens. Driving cross-country, we note many yards and public spaces that could be, with little effort, transformed by patches of regionally-appropriate Echinacea, of which there are 9 species native to the US and Canada. Grow Echinacea—it is your birthright.

Scented geraniums (Pelargonium spp.) are the quintessential houseplants, and we strive to keep a wide array of these highly aromatic plants available for sale. It can be a bit tricky—they always want to overgrow their pots—and although the flowers are mighty showy, we generally have to trim them back before shipment. No worries, potted to a larger pot at your house, the plant will be happy, and soon make new flowers. Seated on a windowsill indoors or in a planter box or pot outdoors, scented geraniums are tolerant of low light, disease and bug resistant, requiring little care, smelling very good. Gerani—yum!

Gotu Kola is a common plant in rare plant’s clothing. In the tropics, this is a pioneer species that grows up after the passage of bulldozer and sometimes lives in road ditches. Back in the ‘60s an herbal friend ordered dry gotu kola herb from India and the package contained the typical gray-green herb one gets from India along with a hubcap! You can readily grow clean gotu kola in your temperate garden by planting our sturdy starts. They like bright sun, moist soil and plenty of nutrients. Three plants grown in this manner will make enough tea or tincture for a family for a year. I know of nothing easier, it is easier to grow than peas.

Feel free to bring up our plant selections from time to time and riffle through. We are constantly bringing on new species, and some of the favorites (like Greek Mountain Tea (Sideritis syriaca)) may come in and out of availability depending on season, stock, and sales. We give the best plant first and we try to never sell a plant that we do not have!


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