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“Growing Plant Medicine”

“Growing Plant Medicine, Vol. 1” is the much-expanded version of the original “The Medicinal Herb Grower.”  

The book consists of:

“Theory and practice of natural garden techniques, newly augmented with bioregional medicinal plant recommendations, garden plans and materia medica.  Arranged by plant families according to Cronquist, thereby preserving the familiar relationships between like plants and ignoring the confusion caused by recent genetic familial assignments.  Arranged alphabetically by kinship and common name.  Book includes families A through H.  The rest of the alphabet will be left to Volume 2, which is in production.  This is a personal book, filled with ruminations on gardening and herbalism coming from a lifetime of observing, growing and advocating for medicinal herbs.  I hope the information is helpful and that you enjoy the style. ”

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I had a dream.  I was sitting at a park bench, the old style with the wrought-iron ends and thickly painted green slats, writing avidly in a notebook as if I were grasping at the moment and trying to record it before it slipped away into the past.  A schoolgirl came up to me, hair all pulled back and a streak of chalk on her collar.  "What do you do for a living?" she asked.  "I write books," said I.  "How many have you written," she wanted to know.  "Four on the shelf, and three in the oven," I replied.  She just said "Is that all?" turned with a flounce and walked away. It left me with the feeling that I should, at least, finish the other books.  I'll work on it.