Chia, Mexican White (Salvia hispanica) seeds, organic


Family:  Mint (Lamiaceae)

Annual.  90 days to flowers, 120 to 150 days to seeds

(Mexican White Chia) Native to South America.  Makes succulent, bright-green, bushy plants up to 4 feet tall.  The white seed is made into a beverage, high in soluble fiber and oil.  Traditional usage (TWM): Stimulant, stool softener and bulking agent, indigestion, diverticulitis and Crohn’s.  Plant prefers full sun and mesic soils of moderate fertility.  Overmoist and fertile soils can cause much bushiness and little seed production.  Sow seed just beneath surface, tamp securely, keep moist until germ, which is rapid, then thin or transplant to 2 feet apart.  Packet contains 300 seeds.

Certified Organically Grown





Chia, Mexican White (Salvia hispanica) seeds, organic