I suppose I’m partial to Echinacea because it is unique to my continent. In any case the conservation of all 9 species, grown in seclusion to prohibit hybridization is very important to me. There are far too few places where the native land race Echinaceas can be found. You have arrived at one of them.

Gentian flowers with such a pure hue, it reflects the pure bitterness of their roots and foliage. We maintain the main 2 species used in herbal medicine, and they are challenging! Fresh seed is required and we strive to keep it very fresh indeed! White 4 O’clocks are another unusual find herein—such a heady perfume exudes from their pure white flowers, it makes one want to swoon.

I’ve always been fascinated by gourds, so try to grow a different kind every year. At first I thought eating them was absurd, but learned that some of them (e.g. lauki) are quite good in the early stages of growth. The hard, round rind suggests multiple craft persuits. I cannot end this without mentioning gopher spurge in the milky-sapped family Euphorbiaceae. Don’t get the latex in your eyes, but do plant it around the perimeter of your garden. It is the only thing I know that keeps out burrowing rodents. They truly do not like it.


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