1/2 Gallon Strictly Medicinal Tincture Press (Lab Press), Stainless Steel, Spring-Loaded Return


PLEASE NOTE:  As of 9/7/2018 we are offering lab presses from our new manufacturing run.  The presses are the same as the one in the photo (with woman in green glasses) except the color of the press will be black.  The gallery photos show the last run of presses, which were green.  The presses are now welded in-house and with the exception of the color they are the same as the old 1/2 gallon lab press, except there have been some improvements:  the base is made of heavier steel and the jack has been rotated slightly, both features initiated to help prevent tipping.  The jack now has a hand toggle on it so you don’t have to use the jack handle to lower the press.  This also prevents overtightening of the toggle.  Beyond that, all the stainless steel parts are the same.  The price for now is the same $1,245.00 plus shipping.  RAC


Tincture press 1/2 gallon size


“…I bought one of your work horse herb presses ten years ago and use it weekly. Hands down the best investment I’ve ever made as it continues to put $2000 in our humble herbalist pockets every month!”

Manufactured by Strictly Medicinal, LLC

Press is fully assembled and ready to use!

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Here’s a link to a video that shows the press in operation.

The Strictly Medicinal Tincture Press, available in 1/2 gallon size only.

Hand-squeezing medicinal herb tinctures and herb infused oils is OK for starters, but most people who have tried this soon find the method too wasteful. The hydraulic tincture press saves time and labor while increasing yields by as much as 40%. Herbs, alcohol and organic olive oil can be quite expensive, and a high quality tincture press pays for itself in short order by maximizing returns of all these precious substances. Furthermore, the higher pressures obtained in the tincture press result in better extraction of medicinal constituents from the herbs, resulting in products of increased strength and efficacy.

herbal extract machine

“In over two decades in the herb industry I have had the opportunity to press out thousands of herbal extracts, using all kinds and sizes of tincture presses. The Strictly Medicinal Tincture Press is manufactured according to my exact specifications, and it is the sweetest, cleanest, most efficient midsize press I have ever operated. The spring-loaded return is a breeze. Nowadays I make extracts for family and friends, and I find that this tincture press perfectly fits my needs—big enough to do gallons of echinacea, but small enough to do a scant quart of valerian.” –Richo

Features of the 1/2 gallon tincture press:

• Heavy steel construction

• All stainless steel herb contact surfaces, including custom piston and pressing pans

• Heavy duty 2 speed fast lift 6-ton hydraulic jack squeezes out every last drop

• Automatic spring-loaded return

• 2 hoses and 2 pressing cloths included free of charge

Specifications of the 1/2 gallon tincture press:

• Measures 11” wide x 27” high x 6” deep

• Weighs 50 pounds

• Processes smallest batches up to ½ gallon or more per pressing

• Normal turn-around time 10 minutes per pressing

• Easily presses 3 gallons per hour

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1/2 Gallon Strictly Medicinal Tincture Press (Lab Press), Stainless Steel, Spring-Loaded Return