Galangal, Greater (Alpinia galanga) potted plant, organic

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Family:  Ginger (Zingiberaceae)

Hardy to zone 9 to 12, otherwise grown as a potted plant and brought in for the winter
Herbaceous perennial native to Asia.  Galangal is used as a cooking spice, mainly for curries and soups.  It has a ginger-like hotness but a sweetly aromatic flavor that is, actually, the predominant flavor in good “Tom-kha-kai” soup that many of you have probably tasted in Thai restaurants.  The root (rhizome, actually) also is the source of an essential oil used in flavoring.  The young shoots are edible and delicious.  Plants prefer warmth, fast-draining soil, part shade, and protection from frost.  Space plants 2 feet apart.

Potted plant, Certified Organically Grown




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