Geranium, Scented “Attar of Roses” (Pelargonium capitatum) potted plant, organic


Family:  Geranium (Geraniaceae)

Hardy to zone 10 to 12, often  grown as a summer annual or a potted plant brought in for the winter. Protect from frost.

(Rose scented geranium, rose otto, rose attar, rose of attar)   This plant exudes sensual and calming fragrance.  I have read many descriptions of the aromatherapeutic properties of this type of scented geranium, and they differ according to source, so provide here my own experience:  Attar of Roses opens the heart chakra and calms the spirit.  A highly desired plant which in our opinion rests at the pinnacle of all scented geranium varieties.  Easily grown in potted culture, a good plant blooms all summer long.  Sun to part shade.  Fertilize with your good compost and since it’s a heavy magnesium feeder, pour in a little epsom salt soak water from time to time.  This will green it up.  Space plants 2 feet apart.

Potted plant certified organically grown



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