I am actually a bit surprised that one of the most sought-after and “unusual” of the herb seeds we offer happens to be Andrographis paniculata (Chuan-xin-lian, king of bitters), which is actually a common weed in China and India. This plant acts like a “super dandelion” in terms of its medicinal activity, so I guess this explains its popularity. Bitter digestive is a missing aspect of many people’s diets. This website is one of the very few places a western gardener can obtain fresh, good quality, germ-able Andrographis seed.

Aconite and Belladona (Aconitum and Atropa) bear exquisite flowers yet can be quite toxic. We are fascinated by the world diversity of such plants and try to represent as much of it as we can, and of course educate regarding appropriate cautions, safe growing and handling, etc. Order early, these often sell out.

Ashitaba and ashwagandha sound confusingly alike and they are both potent herbs from Japan and India respectively. We concentrate on quality and quantity of such a-class herbs and strive to be a trustworthy and functional source for same.

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