Comfrey, Russian Live Root Cutting (Bocking 14 Cultivar), organic


Greetings!  Roots, bulbs and tubers are available to the US only.  We are currently digging and shipping comfrey cuttings.  It takes about 2 weeks from the time you make your order to the time you have the package in hand.  The early spring planting window is best, so try to plan your purchase accordingly.  If you have a preferred ship date, tell us right away! Order early to assure availability.

Family:  Borage (Boraginacea)

Hardy in Zones 4 to 8

What is a crown cutting?  A crown cutting is a chunk of the crown of the plant (the blocky part above the taproots), often with a piece of the taproot attached.  Size is variable.  We give generous cuttings, from 2 to 6 inches long, generally as big around as your thumb, often larger, sometimes smaller–a mix.  These are the SAME CUTTINGS that we use for replanting our own fields, and horticulturally speaking, this is the best size and shape to replant in order to get fast results.  This is NOT just a piece of the taproot, which generally takes longer to grow to a full sized plant than the more desirable crown cutting.  Considered one of the best plants for permaculture use–orchard, compost pile, sun tea, veterinary. Traditional usage:  TWM used externally to speed healing. Source of alantoin.

Crown cutting or root with crown, certified organically grown

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  1. After planting root cuttings early last spring near my fruit trees, the comfrey took off quickly to become large, robust plants. All during summer and fall I continued to cut leaves back and the plants rapidly re-grew. I used the leaves I cut for comfrey tea to pour around the fruit tree drip line; for dried plants that I powdered and sprinkled into tomato planting holes; and chopped up in my compost pile.
    Even in our sustained high summer heat above 105 degrees for weeks at a time, as long as I gave the comfrey some water it continued to grow. Now comfrey is my favorite permaculture plant for my small orchard and I plan to buy more root cuttings this year.

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