Strictly Medicinal Tincture Press

Product Specifications

1/2 Gallon Strictly Medicinal Tincture Press (Lab Press), Stainless Steel, Spring-Loaded Return

Features of the 1/2 gallon tincture press:

• Heavy steel construction, unbreakable, with a hard finish

• All stainless steel herb contact surfaces, including custom piston and pressing pans.  Piston is precisely turned and mirror-finish as in photo

New bulked-up platen with a bolt-less, form-fitted, stainless-steel juncture to the jack.  Sturdy, steady and perfectly plumb.

New inner perforated cylinder assembly is now stock–basically a precision-fit, perforated stainless steel basket on a custom stainless-steel disc.  This assembly cannot get stuck, reduces pressing cloth wear and is easily disassembled for cleaning–really sweet! *  check below for more specs

Jacks have been retooled with a round stainless toggle for finger-tight lockdown and letdown–no need to use the handle to let down the press.

• Custom stainless steel jack handle

• Heavy duty fast lift 6-ton hydraulic jack squeezes out every last drop

• Weight: 57 lbs

• Dimensions: Height 27 inches, Width 12 inches, Depth 6 inches

• Automatic spring-loaded return, springs attached with high-quality stainless steel rings milled in our shop.

• 3 inch HDPE pressing block included

• 2 Tygon hoses and 2 pressing bags included free of charge

Tincture press 1/2 gallon size


“…I bought one of your work horse herb presses ten years ago and use it weekly. Hands down the best investment I’ve ever made as it continues to put $2000 in our humble herbalist pockets every month!”

Manufactured by Strictly Medicinal, LLC

Press is fully assembled and ready to use!