Comfrey, Russian (Symphytum x uplandicum) potted plant, organic


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Family:  Borage (Boraginacea)

Hardy in Zones 4 to 8

Bocking 14 cultivar of Russian Comfrey (Symphytum x uplandicum) Nice potted plants make for an easy transplant. Commonly used in permaculture as a companion plant to fruit trees.  In the nursery, we have great results making the fresh leaves into biodynamic tea, which we apply to our plants in a pot to increase vitality, growth, and to green up all those leaves! Excellent ingredient for compost piles–fresh leaves compost fast and make a nitrogen-rich compost!  Organic, farm-derived, vegetarian and free of cost. Traditional usage:  TWM used externally to speed healing. Source of alantoin.

Potted plant, certified organically grown




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    Hello in Oregon!
    I have really enjoyed my Comfrey plants. So have my Honeybees! I’m a little late on this review, because it has been a while since I ordered them! Nonetheless, I’m very well pleased with them! Thank you!

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      0 out of 5

      Thanks, no prob, our # 1 choice medicinal herb, none more universally useful and effective!

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