Tomato, Black Cherry (Lycopersicon esculentum), packet of 50 seeds, organic


Family: Nightshade (Solanacea)

Annual heirloom.  70 days to fruits.

Vigorous, sparsely-leaved yet heavily fruited indeterminate vine to 5 feet tall does best when trellised.  The fruits themselves are large for cherries (1 inch plus diameter), very round, dusky in color, firm, and posessed of superb tomato taste.  We grew these partially to find out what all the buzz was about, and we were impressed by  #1 the taste and #2 the firmness of the tomato, making it long-lasting on the vine and potentially quite durable in transport.  We deem this to be a resilient market tomato that gives heirloom taste–an unusual and desireable combination!

50 Seeds/pkt., Certified Organically Grown


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