Sage, Dan-shen miltiorrhiza (Salvia miltiorrhiza) seeds, organic


Family:  Mint (Lamiaceae)

Hardy to Zone 7 to 12, otherwise grown as a summer annual or overwintered indoors.

(Tan-shen or Dan-shen, Chinese Red Sage, sometimes misspelled multiorrhiza) Herbaceous perennial native to Manchuria.  This is the official species.  Traditional usage (TCM): circulation stimulant, antistroke, atherosclerosis, menstrual woes.  Source of the molecule known as tanshinone. Plant prefers garden soil, sun to part shade, and regular watering.  The herb itself is comely, with blue flowers that express for quite a long time during the summer, and red roots, which are characteristic to the plant (and several other sages like it).  Excellent choice for herb gardens throughout the temperate north and a show plant for sure.  Sow in fast-draining soil in the full sun.  Gratifyingly easy germinator–sow in spring and work up in pots before transplanting to the landscape. Space plants 2 feet apart.

Packet contains 30 seeds
1 g contains ~540 seeds
5 g contains ~2,700 seeds

Seed certified organically grown


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