Life Plant, Abundant Goddess (Kalanchoe daigremontiana) potted plant, organic


Family:  Stonecrop (Crassulaceae)

Hardy to Zones 9 to 12, normally grown as an indoor potted plant, protect from frost

(Abundant goddess, Mother of Thousands, Mexican Hat)  Succulent and comely, an excellent house plant which prospers in a light window. The plant will propagate itself from plantlets borne on the leaf margin. You can leave a leaf in a dry pot of soil and it will maintain its life force for many months.  Plant grows great indoors, on the windowsill or in the solarium.  An easy plant to have success with, they do best in gallons, offering companionship and solace during the hours when we find ourselves indoors. Nurse plant for ladybugs.  Traditional use:  poulticing agent.   Space plants 1 to 2 feet apart.

Potted plant Certified Organically Grown



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