Bean, Hyacinth (Dolichos lablab), packet of 7 seeds


Family:  Legume (Fabaceae)

Perennial in Zones 8 to 12.  Grown as an annual in the temperate north, 80 days to maturity.

(Egyptian Bean, Hyacinth Bean, Bonavist Bean)   Native to tropical Africa, vining to 30 feet.   Excellent nitrogen fixer, also making edible pods (toxic when raw, must be cooked before consumption) and very pretty flowers, also edible.  Plant prefers full sun, rich, well-drained soil and a trellis.  Soak seed overnight and sow directly in the garden in the spring, or get an early start in the greenhouse.  Direct seed or sow in large pots.  Germ is in 20 days at 70° F.

7 seeds/pkt., Untreated, Open Pollinated, NO GMOs

Bean, Hyacinth (Dolichos lablab), packet of 7 seeds