I give calendula preferential treatment. It is the medicinal herb extraordinaire and here at our farm we’ve been more careful to select and reselect in our seed bearing populations of orange calendula than with any other crop I can think of, and I believe this to be the best type to use in herbal medicine. I also have a soft spot for chia seeds and have taken great care to provide bulk organic supplies to our customers due to my wish that they should have more energy and happy digestion. Natives call this plant “endurance.”

Extremely potent chemistry is found in both Castor and Datura, in the Euphorbiacea and the Solanacea respectively. We are excited by world variability of both plants and strive to offer a diversity of species. We also educate about safety in handling such active plants.

Codonopsis in the very pretty bellflower family is a Chinese herb of great renown. Delicate and difficult to grow, this plant requires painstaking horticulture. The existence of such plants in the garden is the earmark of a very good gardener. We grow several species, and try to keep at least 2 of them listed for purchase. They are choice.


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