White Sage (Salvia apiana) dried fronds, 20 g bag (4 fronds), Organic


Dried white sage (Salvia apiana)  fronds from our organic plants, packed in cellophane, not plastic.  4 fronds as pictured, weight 20g or more. We ship these boxed so that they are not damaged in shipment.  Instead of squeezing them into a bundle, we like to maintain the original open form of the plant.  That way just a leaf can be plucked off and burned, as opposed to lighting off the whole bundle.  it stretches the medicine, which is a good thing these days.  We surely promote growing your own white sage and boycotting the wild harvested material, as the wild populations belong to the land and the creatures that live there.  4 fronds, 20 plus grams,  Certified Organically Grown

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