Rhodiola, Russian (Rhodiola rosea), packet of 100 seeds


Family: Stonecrop (Crassulacea)

Hardy to Zones 1 to 7

(Sedum rhodiola, Golden Root, Rose Root, Russian Rhodiola)  Perennial, fleshy succulent.  There are a number of different ecotypes of Rhodiola rosea. Glycoside (e.g. rosavin, rosin) content is variable depending on ecotype.  This see is from the Russian ecotype that originates within the arctic circle.  It is a high rosavin type.  The dried roots are rose-scented.  Traditional use (TWM): tonic, adaptogenic. Plant prefers sun at altitude and shade to part shade at lower elevations.  Plant in calcareous soil or rock garden. Flowers to 10 inches.  Seed is very tiny and can be mixed with sand prior to planting to help make an even distribution.  Sow seed on surface of fast-draining potting soil in flat or pot and press in securely.  Best to sow seed in fall or very early spring and subject the planting to outdoor conditions–snow, rain, and temperature oscillation all stimulate germination.  Lacking outdoor conditions, the seed may be stratified for 90 days in moist medium in the refrigerator, then surface-sown in cool shade.  Germination is in the spring.  Individuate seedlings and work up in successively larger pots until they are sufficiently sized to transplant to the landscape. Space 1 foot apart.  Rhodiola may also be gainfully grown in pots to maturity–it makes an interesting succulent plant, steeped in folklore, honored by herbalists, with a nice yellow flower.

100 seeds/pkt., Open Pollinated, Untreated, NO GMO’s


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Rhodiola, Russian (Rhodiola rosea), packet of 100 seeds