Rampion (Campanula rapunculus) potted plant, organic

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Family:  Bellflower (Campanulaceae)

Biennial hardy to Zones 4 to 8

(Rapunzel) Native to Europe, the plant is soft-leaved and edible in the first year, making a crunchily delicious taproot, as well.  In the second year, the plant flowers to 3 feet, with showy lavender bell-shaped blossoms.  This self-fertile lovely goes readily to seed and will self-seed in the right conditions.  The plant prefers rich, moist sandy loam of open garden or meadow and does best when partially shaded.  The leaves are soft, sweet and good to eat.  In the fairytale, Rapunzel’s mother hankered for the root of this plant–I do, too.  Space plants 6 inches apart.

Potted plant certified organically grown

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