Stoneroot Live Root (Collinsonia canadensis), organic


(Stone Root)
Sturdy, handsome broad-leaved plant bears bright panicles of yellow flowers that smell like lemons. Tincture of the fresh, stone-hard root helps shrink varicosities—general vascular tonic of great utility.  Stoneroot likes moist soils in the dappled shade of woodland or shade garden.  Upon receipt, plant the roots 2 inches deep in the mineral soil and cover with mulch.  A lot of people will have trouble determining which end is up so when possible we leave a piece of the old stem attached, and this should be oriented pointing up.  That will help.  Plant in fall for emergence in spring.  these are large, robust, and extremely beautiful.  Enjoy.
Organically Grown at Strictly Medicinal Seeds.


Stoneroot roots ship starting in September, after the parent plants go dormant.   All orders received prior to that time will be backordered and sent first come, first served.  Please let us know if you require your roots to be sent at a particular time. Use the “Order Notes” field at checkout.  Roots are available to the USA only.