Mandrake, officinarum (Mandragora officinarum) seeds, dried, organic

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Family: Nightshade (Solanaceae)

Hardy to Zones 6 to 10

(White Mandrake, Mandragora officinalis) Perennial.  Native to southeastern Europe and the Mediterranean. Rare. Traditional usage (TWM): fertility, aphrodisiac, a magical totem, relieve pain, promote sleep.  Source of tropane alkaloids–do not ingest.   Plant prefers alkaline pH—deep, sandy soils, dry, in the part-shade.  The plant begins its vegetative cycle in the midwinter, flowers in the spring, fruits, and goes quickly dormant in the summer, then re-sprouts from beneath the callus in fall or spring.  Keep crowns in perfect drainage.  I plant mine in deep sand mulch on the shady side of rocks. Flower color is variable, some plants making vibrant purple flowers, others flowering like washed-out lavender.  Flower to 16 inches, giving way to green, apple-like fruits that eventually turn yellowish and soft before harvest.  The smell is exquisite.  Sow seeds as soon as possible upon receipt. It makes sense to put them in a small jar of water or willow tea in the fridge for up to 2 weeks before planting.  This seems to prime them for faster germination.  Sow these cold water soaked seeds about 1/4 ich deep in sandy, alkaline mix in a flat or preferably in a gallon pot.  Tamp securely and keep very warm for fast germination (often as fast as 30 days under lights). If not concerned about organic status of planting, an overnight pre-soak in very dilute GA3 will stimulate very rapid germination.   Alternatively, place pot in the shadehouse or in the greenhouse in a relatively cool, shaded area.  Lacking the shadehouse or the greenhouse, you might try a sheltered spot outdoors. Planted in this manner, germination may take as long as 12 months.  Seedlings and indeed older plants senesce in summer and resprout from beneath the callus, usually january to february zones 7 and up, or in colder zones, in early spring.   Space plants 2 to 3 feet apart

13 seeds per standard packet

also available as a large packet: 100 seeds, discounted

Certified Organically Grown (INTERNATIONAL ORDERS OK)

No replacements on mandrake seed.



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  1. Sabrina

    Sprouting already


    8 of 13 seeds have sprouted in a months time. I have them started in a large deep pot in my reptile room window. At what size can I repot individually and safely share with a friend or two?

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  2. Kristin Leggett

    My Mandrake Babies are growing but......

    Kristin Leggett (verified owner)

    Hello Richo. Ordered these seeds from you last fall and got 4 mandrakes going. I have a question about sun vs shade exposure for these lil ones. I live in NC, not far from Charlotte so more southern in the state and kinda in the middle. Anyway, I have them getting morning sun only currently but other sources say they should have full sun?? Should I expect dormancy sometime soon with the fact we get hot/humid summers?? I am trying to just watch and see how “they” direct me but they have become so precious to me that I also do not want to cause harm/make deadly mistakes because I am a first time grower of Mandrakes. Thanks 🙂

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  3. One person found this helpful

    Avery (verified owner)

    I got a pack of seeds as well as a potted one because I wasn’t sure i would be able to get them to sprout. I started soaking my seeds 3/13, planted them 3/26, and seven have already come up!

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  4. 2 out of 2 people found this helpful
    Ramona Campbell

    Patience seems to be in order...

    Ramona Campbell (verified owner)

    Mandrake seeds were my choice of something different this year. I took possession of the seeds in February hoping they all took ages and ages to germinate, so I wouldn’t really have to figure out where to put them, once they did come up. Sort of a ho-hum approach. By sheer happenstance I came across some of those “individual peat-pot plugs” that come with their own plastic containers, at the local feed store. Little mini greenhouse things, only I didn’t use the lid. I gave each seed a plug of its own, watered it thoroughly, and found a cool’ish place in the bathroom, that doesn’t get too much light, in the shade of other plants. I soaked it all down every week or so. The family members were seen “checking” on them every once in awhile and I must admit they are pretty cute seedlings. The first three sprouts showed up early April, and I left them all together for a couple weeks, then transplanted them into a shallow clay planter. The plugs made transplanting pretty much stress free for everyone. Three more have sprouted over the summer, so I have a 50% germ rate in six months, and continue to keep the rest wet, just in case. Living at a higher elevation, I’m hoping to keep them as house plants until they are a couple years old, and then put them outside, in a planter against the house. Plants, what an adventure! Thanks, Richo!

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  5. 3 out of 3 people found this helpful
    Kristy Therrien

    Magic Little Green Spirits

    Kristy Therrien (verified owner)

    i love my seedlings!!! when i got them, i said hello to each seed before putting them in a “crystal head vodka” mini bottle of water. i started on a full moon, kept the skull of seeds in the fridge and changed their water every night by an alarm on my phone. on the next full moon, i planted them! i had a great germination rate, the seeds are wonderful. i DO NOT have a green thumb, i really suck at plants. BUT, i also get a crazy passionate drive about what i become interested in. mandrakes called me, i looked them up, i found Richo’s site, youtube videos and i am so very thankful! I find myself spoiling them, i built a custom planter to germinate them in, laid huge quartz crystals down in the rocks on the bottom for good drainage, then built it up with a mixture of plant starter/seedling soil, crushed eggshells, kelp dust and worm castings lol. ( i’m that crazy cook who throws things into the mix, not knowing what’s gonna turn out. HAHA) 😀 but i’m glad it worked. there were 3 seeds in my shipment that looked smaller and dark brown, not like the rest. i put extra quartz crystals under them beneath the soil and outlined them in the planter and called it the “N.I.C.U.” , hoping that the extra care would help. and it did! they came up healthy and happy. 😀 right now, they are are in tall, homemade wooden planters about 3 feet tall, indoors. and i’m kinda addicted to them. i just sent one of the seedlings in the mail to a friend and it was really hard to let one go. lol. the best part, so far, is discovering the baby seedlings when they break the top of the soil layer. i let out a gasp each time i see the hint of one folding up, into life. i, personally, had a 90% germination rate, and there is still a chance that the last 3 seeds could pop up in the coming months. but there’s no telling. mandrakes take life at their own pace. i attribute the seedling success to *MAGICK* and quality products! <3 thanks guys 😀 much love.

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