Mandrake, officinalis (Mandragora officinalis) potted plant, organic


Family: Nightshade (Solanaceae )

Hardy to Zones 6 to 10

(Mandragora officinarum) Perennial.  Native to southeastern Europe and the Mediterranean.  Rare. Traditional usage (TWM): fertility, aphrodisiac, a magical totem, relieve pain, promote sleep.  Source of tropane alkaloids–do not ingest.   Plant prefers alkaline pH—deep, sandy soils, dry, in the part-shade.  The plant begins its vegetative cycle in the midwinter, flowers in the spring, fruits, and goes quickly dormant in the summer, then re-sprouts from beneath the callus in fall or spring.  Keep crowns in perfect drainage.  I plant mine in deep sand mulch on the shady side of rocks. Flower color is variable, some plants making vibrant purple flowers, others flowering like washed-out lavender.  Flower to 16 inches, giving way to green, apple-like fruits that eventually turn yellowish and soft before harvest.  The smell is exquisite.

Potted plant certified organically grown (first year plants, potted, very vigorous, will go summer dormant, at this writing (3/8/2018) the plants are aerial and 2 inches across in 3 inch deep pots, nice starters, cannot guarantee that the plants will be aerial when you get them, they go summer dormant, I am doing everything I can to keep that from happening, they stop growing when they go dormant)


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