Ma-huang (Ephedra sinica) potted plant, organic


Family:  Joint Fir (Ephedraceae)

Hardy to zone 3 to 9

(Syn Ephedra sinensis) Evergreen perennial paleo-herb. Native to the steppes of Northern China, Ma-huang prospers in full sun, dry soils, and is quite cold-tolerant (our patch bravely survived an 18 inch snow cover that occurred during a particularly cold Southern Oregon winter). Preparation of the right microsite is particularly important for a plant of this nature, which must maintain a dry, warm crown during the growing season lest the crown begin to rot. The best preparation is to spread about 4 inches of sand on the surface, then plant the ma-huang through the sand, with its roots down in the mineral soil and sand all around the crown. This excellent drainage and the reflection of the sun up onto the plant will greatly improve the health, growth and survivability of ma-huang. Traditional usage:  TCM, the tea is used as a bronchial dilator for treating asthma.  Space plants 3 feet apart.

Potted plant, multi-stemmed, nice, Certified Organically grown

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