Jaborosa sativa, packet of 20 seeds


Family:  Nightshade (Solanacea)

Hardy to zones 6 to 12

Sprawling perennial flowering in dense clusters, pentamerous, green spotted with brown, to a height of only 10 inches.  The leaves are elongated, lobed.  The malodorous flowers give way to large, flattened fruits.  Highly sought-after by collectors of the nightshades, this is one of the darkest–beguiling, stinky, potentially toxic and without recorded ethnobotanical use.  Cultivation:  Soak seeds overnight in willow water.  Plant in warm, well-drained mix, tamp, and keep at around 68 degrees F.  Germination in 2-4 weeks.  Plants prosper in full sun to part shade in fast-draining soil or rockery.  Space 1 foot apart.

20 seeds per packet, open pollinated, untreated, NO GMO’s

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