Cucumber, Tendergreen (Cucumis sativus) seeds, organic


Family:  Cucumber (Cucurbitaceae)

Annual, 50 days to harvest

Vining vegetable native to the East Indies and cultivated worldwide. Cucumbers are one of the oldest known cultigens, dating back at least 3,000 years.  Containing 96% water, eating a cucumber is tantamount to taking a long drink of water.  Tendergreen is famous for tasting a bit sweet, having a thin skin which is not bitter.  It is a great salad cucumber. In the year 2022 we direct-seeded these to the field in June and ate our first cucumber 47 days later.  As always with cucumbers, they work best direct-seeded, the seeds planted a few inches apart in the row or hill, and thinned to 6 inches to a foot between the plants.  This gives them room to sprangle.  The soil should be fertile, amended with compost, and the watering schedule is best when a deep watering occurs, then a rest for a few days, then another deep watering.  If pests are a problem, you can sprinkle neem seed meal on the leaves which will give the plants a chance to outgrow the bugs.

Packet contains 30 seeds
5 g contains ~200 seeds
10 g contains ~400 seeds
Certified Organically Grown

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