Chia, Golden (Salvia columbariae), packet of 50 seeds


Family:  Mint (Lamiaceae)

Annual.  50 days to flowers.

(California Chia, Ilipesh) Self-seeding, miniature desert grower with bright purple flowers that occur in whorls.  Native to the deserts of the American SW, Central America and Southern California, growing no taller than the knee.  Programmed by nature to grow quickly during the brief winter rains and make seeds in the spring sun, the mellow seeds occur inside spiney seed capsules.  Like the circulation stimulant Dan-shen, Ilipesh seed contains the compound known as “tanshinone,” a circulation stimulant that inhibits blood clotting and is an anti-seizure medicine.  Was used historically (TWM, Native American) to treat strokes, therefore the translation of its name “to wake the dead.” Actually, there are a number of types of chia and this is one of the best.  All make a quick mucilage when whetted, and may be reconstituted in water to make a soothing and protein-rich drink.  Bulks the stools.  Helps hold moisture in the body, alleviate thirst and provide energy, stamina and endurance to busy gardeners, homesteaders, craftspeople, athletic competitors, long distance runners and regular folks.  My favorite way of growing this is in the winter greenhouse sown on the surface of sandy medium in deep flats.  Press seed into surface and water to keep moist.  Fast germination is followed by the development of characteristic flattened rosettes giving rise to multiple stalks with whorls of purple flowers that give way to the precious seeds.  Keep in the flat and harvest when ready or time the planting to transplant out seedlings in the early spring, which can give increased yields.  Space plants 1 foot apart.

50 seeds/pkt., Open Pollinated, Untreated, NO GMO’s

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