Cedar of Lebanon (Cedrus libani) potted tree

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Family:  Pine (Pinaceae)

Evergreen tree native to the Mediterranean and capable of reaching a height of 130 feet and hardy to -10 degrees F.  Mentioned 75 times in The Bible.  The strong and aromatic wood of this stately tree has been extensively used in construction, historically used for providing masts for the ships of the Pheonecians, framework for the pharonic tombs and King Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem.  The bark was used medicinally for treating leprosy, and the heartwood is distilled to make an expensive healing essential oil.  Tree prefers full sun to part shade and is highly adaptable, growing in various soils.  One large individual that we planted on our farm in the early days was nearly consumed by goats, but bounced back (we used comfrey poultices) and is now over 100 feet tall, with an impressive spread of branches.  This tree is good energy no matter where it grows or how it is used.  We are glad to offer it up!

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