Cedar, Incense (Calocedrus decurrens) potted tree, organic


Family:  Cypress (Cupressaceae)

(Incense Cedar, California Incense Cedar) Evergreen tree native to western US, growing to 120 feet tall in the best of circumstances, but suitable for smaller landscape or potted tree applications.  Source of soft, aromatic wood for carpentry, fenceposts and pencils.  Primary source of beautiful frionds for smudging and sweatlodge.  I’ve seen them used to dip into the water bucket and sprinkle the fire, and also to lay down on the floor, as an aromatic mat for squatting without mud.  Tree prefers a cool, partly shaded exposure.  It may be suitable for full sun in places with cool summers.  Space trees 30 feet apart.

Potted tree, certified organically grown



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