Cascara Sagrada (Rhamnus purshiana) potted tree, organic


Family:  Buckthorn (Rhamnaceae)

Hardy to Zones 6 to 10

Small to midsized deciduous tree.  Native to the western coast of North America and the Rocky Mountains.  The bark is gray or whitish and warty; it tends to harbor lichens.  In the spring the tree unfolds its prominently veined leaves, then forms the cup-shaped greenish flowers that give way to the large, round, jet-black drupes.  The trees are good for climbing, as my children proved many a time in their early years.  Chittam does not mind harboring tree houses, either.  Traditional usage of cured tree bark:  Laxative.  Tree prefers sun and moist lowland soils, but will survive as a gnarly bush even on the mountainside.  The trees are great specimens for the landscape, fast growing, with a handsome, spread-armed habit, very good shade, in all respects a pleasant tree to have around. Wildlife love them, as do the constipated.  Space trees at least 15 feet apart.

Potted tree, certified organically grown

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