Carpesium macrocephalum (Da-hua-jin-wa-er) packet of 20 seeds, organic


Family:  Aster (Asteracea)

Hardy to zones 5 to 9

Herbaceous perennial herb native to China, Japan, Korea and Russia, flowering with swollen, oversize, greenish-yellow disc flowers surrounded by radiating green bracts.  Very showy, weird, with leaves that droop. Traditional use (TCM): Whole herb or root bark used to cool blood and staunch bleeding, dispel stasis.  Bruises, falls, knocks, external injuries.  Hemostatic.  Source of unique sesquiterpene lactones.  Plant prefers moist humus of shade garden.  Sow in spring or in a warm greenhouse.  Sprinkle seeds in a shallow furrow, barely cover, tamp and keep warm and evenly moist until germination, which is rapid.  Space plants 1 foot apart.

20 seeds per packet, Certified Organically Grown

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