Canterbury Bells (Campanula medium) packet of 100 seeds, organic


Family:  Bellflower (Campanulaceae)

Overwinters in zones 4 to 10.

(Cups and Saucers) Biennial native to the Mediterranean.  The plant makes an agreeable, low-lying rosette in the first year.  After overwintering, in the spring to early summer  of the second year, rises to a height of 3 feet and produces gobs of flowers.  This strain makes largely dark blue flowers.  The flowers and foliage are nontoxic and edible. Attracts bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.  As a cut flower, these are extremely long lasting and will go for a week when cut and placed in a vase of water.  They may drop some lower flowers, yet open more flowers at the tip. Traditional dye plant, making dyes of green or blue.  Deer resistant.  Plant prefers a part sun to shady position, and does best when closely spaced to 6 inches apart, so that the plants hold each other up.   A rich, well-drained but moist soil is preferred. Sow seeds in the spring to late summer, in situ in the garden bed, or in pots.  In colder zones, it makes sense to mulch with straw, but in zones 6 and up, these overwinter reliably as unmulched rosettes.  With luck, they will continue to self-seed for a yearly show.

100 seeds per packet, certified organically grown.

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