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Bupleurum, Chinese (Bupleurum chinense, Bei-chai-hu) potted plant, organic


Family: Carrot (Apiaceae)

Hardy to zones 3 to 10

(Bei-chai-hu, Bupleurum falcatum, Northern Chinese Thorowax, Twigs of the Barbarians)  Herbaceous perennial native to northern and central China, India, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.  Flowers bright yellow to a height of 3 feet.  Traditional Use (TCM):  The sliced, dried roots are one of the Chinese herbs that releases the exterior, having bitter, acrid and cool properties with a rising nature.  The herb cools and harmonizes, usually used in combination to treat ailments of the liver and digestion, malaria and gynecological disorders, headache, tinnitus, fever.  Plant prefers a sunny exposure and does fine in standard garden culture or naturalized in grasslands.   Space plants 6 inches apart.

Potted Plant, Certified Organically Grown

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