“The Medicinal Herb Grower” book–volume 1, by Richo Cech

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Please note:  The first edition of this book is nearly sold out as of 6_21_2021, and so I encourage anyone who’s been wanting the book to get it now.  Once the last book sells, this page will show a “waitlist” option.  The second edition will be somewhat different from the first–expanded–as I’ve been working on it.  We will let you know when the new edition is available.  Richo

In the year 2000, Richo wrote the book “Making Plant Medicine” that told the story of his little family living in the coast mountains of Oregon.  That book helped people learn how to access the healing power of herbs that could readily be grown in the home garden.  “The Medicinal Herb Grower” continues this story, as it follows the family’s move to Southern Oregon where they engaged the growing of larger and more diverse gardens and fields of medicinal herbs.  It is about how to make a place for these healing herbs to grow and draws from Richo’s over 25 years of experience.  The book starts with “Principles of Natural Gardening Techniques,” covering: observation in nature, planting with the seasons, creating plant habitat, the benefits of diversity, and rules of (green) thumb.  The book then covers “Practices of Natural Gardening Techniques,” practical “how-to’s”, covering: preparing the ground, making diverse composts and potting soils, planting seeds and cuttings, caring for plants, and harvest and processing of medicinal herbs and seeds.  The book is full of amusing anecdotes and is delightfully illustrated by Sena Cech.  We hope it reads a bit like a “James Herriot” of herbalism and that it is as nourishing to you as cornbread. This book has a great deal of information in it for the startup medicinal herb grower and also for the advanced farmer of medicinal herbs.  It will help engender success in growing common weeds and rare and unusual plants.  It will help you if you are growing tulsi in a pot in New Jersey and if you are trying to grow 100 acres of Skullcap on a farm in Costa Rica.  The book will inspire confidence in those that have a timorous relationship to seed planting, and will improve the technique of those whose sweat hits the earth and sprouts flowers.

176 pages, soft cover

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  1. Liz Clark

    A Joy to Read, Learn, & Grow

    Liz Clark

    Hi and thank you Richo and Sena! I have never learned so much from any book…ever! Though I haven’t yet read your others 😉 The illustrations are such a fun and beautiful touch. Anywhoo here’s a big, heartfelt t h a n k  y o u.

    On a personal note, I’ve been on this kind of quest to learn how to have a truly symbiotic relationship with the earth. I went to school for landscape architecture, worked as a designer and at different botanical gardens –  and became frustrated because of the way plants are viewed and (mis)treated. I was in a kind of crisis bc I’m like I love plants and the earth and I don’t know what’s right? but it’s not what I’m doing. That’s where this book is so unique and helpful!

    This book is the most beautifully useful gardening book because of your true love, respect, and extensive knowledge in how to nurture plants, the soil, and ecosystems in a thoughtful way. I really appreciated the fun stories and useful tips sprinkled throughout, and the practical examples of how you sew love into what you do. 

    ALSO – For over a year I have been stumped on what to do with this one small piece of garden where the gophers kill everything save some alyssum, but a box was just too harsh. Now I’m stoked on the tortuga!!! Woohoo looking forward to the next edition!

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    claire griffin


    claire griffin

    Will the book be available as a PDF/download? I will be traveling and will not be able to receive land mail. 🙏

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  3. phd.permaculture.homestead.design

    The Medicinal Herb Grower: A Guide for Cultivating Plants That Heal by Richo Cech


    Fun to read, full of personal stories and tall tales

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  4. Mistique Angel Davis

    My All Time Favorite Garden Book!

    Mistique Angel Davis

    This is by far the best gardening book I have ever read! I generally interact with my garden books as reference books, looking up what I am curious about, but this one is actually fun to read! I read it from front to back. It’s full of information and I always recommend this book when someone asks me what garden book to get. And the had drawn illustrations are adorable!

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    Excellent and accurate detail, interspersed with Richo's garden stories...worth it just for the stories

    lazywildswan (verified owner)

    Richo gives better detail than the assigned reading for my Chinese medicine study, and everything is really well-written. Mayche edited the book with the precision of old-time New York Times book review editors, so it is a pleasure to read. But, even if you just want to learn more about herbs, but do not want to grow them, this book will be well-worth buying.

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  6. One person found this helpful

    Great reference


    This book not only tells you how to grow herbs, it teaches you how you can adapt and use the basics the author gives to create the conditions you will need to grow just about any herb you come across. The principle of teaching how to fish rather than just giving you the fish.
    You wont need to have hundreds of pages in a lot of volumes to grow any herb with only knowing the basics of where a plant grows on it’s own. You can then create the mini ecosystem ( conditions,,) to grow nearly any herb you will ever come across. Critical thinking directed by the basic facts.
    I now have all three of his books and although each works alone, they really give you a lot of deeper understanding of each herb and its properties when all three are used together.
    Whether you just want to propagate herbs for your own use or you want to sell the herb plants , this book is the best bang for your bucks I can find.

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    Tim Roberts

    My favourite herb growing book.

    Tim Roberts

    As someone who is primarily a TCM herbalist, but who actually does grow herbs, this book was both informative, and entertaining. It does cover the essence of herb growing quite well. A lot of vegetable gardeners are utterly awful when it comes to herbs (as they seem to think that everything likes the conditions that most garden vegetables enjoy). A book from someone who appreciates the difference in conditions that radically different plants need is a refreshing change.

    Pretty certainly the best book I’ve read on growing herbs, and certainly the most readable one, doing you the favour of getting the essence of how to do it (mostly by imitating the plants natural habitat) rather than a guide of temperature, water, shade etc measurements that a plant will cope with.

    If you want a ‘how to’ manual with a list of steps, this isn’t it. If you want to understand how you go about learning planting from the plants, then this will suit you fine.

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