Pride of Madeira (Echium fastuosum), packet of 30 seeds


Family:  Borage (Boraginacea)

Hardy to Zones 9 to 10

Woody perennial shrub flowering in showy upright spikes tp 6 feet tall and 10 feet wide.  Native to the island of Madeira in the Canary Islands.  Plant prefers maritime exposure in sun, fast-draining, dryish soils.  Basically an extraordinarily showy landscape plant that nourishes a  lot of bees with copious nectar.  The upright spikes crowd densely on the bush, providing long-lasting neon-purple color.  Sow the seeds in warm soil, tamp and keep warm and in the light.  Germ in 1 to 3 weeks.  The first year the plants produce a low-lying rosette and the they bush out and produce multiple flowers second year and ongoing.

30 seeds per packet, open pollinated, untreated, no gmo’s

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