Mandrake, officinarum (Mandragora officinarum), packet of 13 seeds, fresh, undried, packed in moist medium, organic


Family: Nightshade (Solanaceae)

Hardy to Zones 6 to 10

(White Mandrake, Mandragora officinalis) Perennial.  Native to southeastern Europe and the Mediterranean. Rare. Traditional usage (TWM): fertility, aphrodisiac, a magical totem, relieve pain, promote sleep.  Source of tropane alkaloids–do not ingest.   Plant prefers alkaline pH—deep, sandy soils, dry, in the part-shade.  The plant begins its vegetative cycle in the midwinter, flowers in the spring, fruits, and goes quickly dormant in the summer, then re-sprouts from beneath the callus in late winter.  Keep crowns in perfect drainage.  I plant mine in deep sand mulch on the shady side of rocks. Flower color is lavender.  Flower to 16 inches, giving way to green, apple-like fruits that eventually turn yellowish and soft before harvest.  The smell is exquisite.  Sow seeds as soon as possible upon receipt.  Sow about 1/4 inch deep in sandy, alkaline mix in a flat or preferably in a gallon pot.  Place flat or pot in the shadehouse or in the greenhouse in a relatively cool, shaded area.  Lacking the shadehouse or the greenhouse, you might try a sheltered spot outdoors, or even a germination setup with lights.  Fresh seed germinates at a high rate of germ in 8 months, sometimes faster. Space plants 3 feet apart.

13 fresh seeds per packet, Certified Organically Grown [USA ONLY, NO INTERNATIONAL SALES]

No replacements on mandrake seed.

NOTE:  We ran four concurrent germ tests with the fresh and newly-dried seed.  The best germination occurred in seed that was left absolutely fresh and undried, merely washed and cleaned, then planted immediately in fast-draining soil in outdoor conditions in our shadehouse.  The germination period was eight months (from July 10 to March 3). 108 seeds were planted, and 76 sprouts were observed.  This is a germ rate of 70.37%.  RAC



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  1. Claire Drouault

    My very favorite plant

    Claire Drouault (verified owner)

    Got excited after watching your podcast showing you caring for actual mandrake plants in your garden! Just had to reorder more fresh seeds! I live on a heavily wooded lot and my direct sun is very limited so I’ve been transplanting baby plants to large pots on my deck. I was becoming discouraged lately because some of my mandrakes have been going dormant and others haven’t. I thought the dormant ones had died after transplanting but when I broke open the starter plugs I found roots! I was even more surprised to find roots in the starter plugs I had given up on because I thought they didn’t “take.” I transplanted them and watered them and some of them are leafing! It also occurred to me that, because the seeds are planted only 1/8″ deep, water draining into the catch trays does not mean the seed is sufficiently hydrated so I’m watering more often but a lot less each time. And I’m making sure my “water birds” aren’t buried too deep. Living and learning and loving it!

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  2. One person found this helpful

    The Magical Mandrake

    jasperdshide (verified owner)

    These fresh seeds are 200% the way to go. Four of them had roots poking out upon arrival and the rest are no doubt not far behind. I’ve messed around with dried mandrake seeds with mediocre results and noticeably less vigor in the seedlings. As far as I’m concerned the price difference between dried and fresh seeds was justified the second I opened the package and pulled out the germinating seeds. Fingers crossed I can keep the seedlings happy!

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  3. Eddie Spohn

    Magnificent Mandrakes

    Eddie Spohn (verified owner)

    I was hesitant at first to write this review. The reason was that once before I ordered a packet of dried White Mandrake seed from this company and they took a while to come up. I think the quickest seedling took months to show. Just part of the Mandrake process. The Nightshade family is notorious for long dormancies in their dried seeds.

    Not this time. When I ordered my first packet of undried seed they already had taproots upon arrival. I gently pried them apart and planted them in gallon pots and within weeks the first cotyledons were showing above ground. This made me happy but I figured it was just some rare occurrence. What the hell do I know?

    I ordered two more packets a short time after because I really like this plant. Both packets had germinating seeds inside the plastic wrap upon arrival. Have put them in pots and am awaiting the above ground appearance of this newest batch. Been cold and rainy in my vicinity lately so they may not show for a bit.

    I think the best bet for those wanting Mandrakes is to order the fresh, undried seed.

    Thanks Richo for making these plants available.

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