Japanese Lantern (Physalis alkekengi franchetii), Potted Plant, Organic


Family: Nightshade (Solanacea)

Hardy to Zones 4 to 11

(Winter Cherry, Chinese Lantern) Creeping herbaceous perennial native to China, with insignificant flowers that nonetheless transform into plump, round, cherry-tomato-like fruits enclosed in a bright orange, papery, lantern-shaped calyx.  Traditional usage: homeopathic extracts, cooling poultice.  Do not ingest– source of potent steroidal saponins.  The plant prefers moist soil in the part sun to shade, and tends to be overrun by other larger plants, so it can be draped over a wall to give it space, and it is very decorative growing on a wall, in rock garden, or as a potted plant that drapes and sprawls.  Space plants 1 foot apart.
Potted Plant,  Certified Organically Grown

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