Gardenia, White (Gardenia thunbergii), packet of 30 seeds


Family: Madder (Rubiaceae)

Hardy to Zones 10 to 12

(Wild Gardenia, UmKhangazi in Xhosa, Buffelsbal “Buffalo Balls” in Afrikaans)  Evergreen shrub to 15 feet tall, studded with tubular, flaring white flowers up to 2.5 inches across.  Extraordinary fragrance.  Flowers give way to large, hard, egg-shaped capsules that persist for years.  Very difficult to break, they have been used as munitions and also for Christmas decorations.  Native to South Africa, especially the southeastern coast.  Traditional use: (TAM): roots are one of the South African Muti, used for treating skin conditions from eczema to leprosy.  Wood is very dense and takes a fine finish.  Made into buttons, beads, jewelry, tool handles and turnery.   Plant prefers an evermoist, rich, acidic soil in the sun to part shade.  Plant seed in warm, moist soil with germ in 4 to 6 weeks.  Prick seedlings up to pots and grow on for 2 years before transplanting to landscape.  These are half-hardy and should be kept potted and brought indoors in cold winter areas.  Flowers occur in late winter.  Does well in large pots and is suitable for bonsai.  Space 15 to 30 feet apart on the landscape.

Packet contains 30 seeds, open-pollinated, untreated, no gmo’s

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