Arborvitae, American (Thuja occidentalis), packet of 100 seeds


Family:  Cyprus (Cupressaceae)

Hardy to zones 3 to 8

(Swamp Cedar, Eastern Arborvitae, Tree of Life)  Evergreen perennial conifer with a conical growth habit, to the height of 50 feet.  The foliage occurs in flat sprays.  Highly aromatic.  The trunk is red-brown.  At maturity the bark tends to peel off in long strips.  Traditional use (TAM, TWM): young tips loaded with Vit C used against scurvy.  The essential oils are antiseptic, diluted and used topically against skin complaints.  The dilute essential oil is also used to disinfect surfaces.  This is an adaptable landscape plant that prefers a moist soil.  Thriving in sunny or shady locations, it may be pruned and shaped at the will of the gardener.  Cold-stratify the seed for 8 weeks by putting in damp medium (coarse, sharp sand, coir or peat) in a jar or baggie in the fridge.  Then, plant in a warm place.  Barely cover seeds.  Germination takes at least 3 weeks.  Pot up to successively larger pots.  Place to the landscape when 3 years old.  Space trees according to desired effect, from 5 feet apart for hedging, to 30 feet apart for landscape accent.

100 seeds per packet, open-pollinated, untreated, no gmo’s

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