Equal to the Sages the Thyme. As a horticulturalist I would like to become familiar with every type of thyme. At last checking I saw we had 5 species listed and 7 varieties, although that can easily change. My understanding is that partaking of antioxidants like this on a daily basis can help extend life. I use it generously in our cooking.

Meanwhile of course Tobacco (Nicotiana spp.) are heavily maligned (although still widely abused) and despite this sordidness, still I love to grow tobacco! Maybe it is because of the spiritual connection that the Native Americans so eloquently noted. In any case I grow a different one every year. One thing I’ve noted—tobacco seed maintains its germination indefinitely.

The rarity for this category is Wasabi (Wasabia japonica). I am told by Japanese and other horticulturalists that the plant is picky and requires just the right conditions for growth and will otherwise fail. I admit it is a recurring theme that I should take issue to this kind of talk, but my experience is that once you understand how to grow it, the plant is easy to grow. We often have seeds and plants available. Hey, stay in touch!


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