Yomogi (Artemisia princeps), packet of 200 seeds


Family: Aster (Asteraceae)

Hardy to Zones 3 to 9

(Japanese Mugwort, Kui-hao, Ssuk) Herbaceous perennial native to Japan.  Will flower to the height of 5 feet, but can be kept tidily trimmed back.  Like most Artemisias, this plant is stolonaceous and will soon produce a robust patch unless you keep it contained in a pot.  The plant does well in pots.  Source of moxa used in moxibustion.  Also a culinary herb, used in small amounts to flavor mochi, soups and rice.  Excellent smudging plant used as a cold-hardy substitute to white sage, producing a smooth and cooling smoke that purifies the air and dispels negativity. Sow in spring.  Press very tiny seed into surface of soil and keep evenly moist and in the light until germ.

200 seeds/pkt., Open pollinated, Untreated, NO GMO’s

Yomogi (Artemisia princeps), packet of 200 seeds