Witch Hazel, Ozark (Hamamelis vernalis) packet of 20 seeds


Family: Witch Hazel (Hamamelidaceae)

Hardy to Zones 5 to 8

(Ozark Witch Hazel) Perennial shrub or small tree to 15 feet. Native to the Ozarks. The plant flowers in the early spring yellow-orange frills, when nothing else much is flowering, and then unfurls its broad, papery green leaves. Traditional usage (TWM): astringent.  Plant prefers sandy, rocky, or loamy soils, and is not good with clay. Seed is quite hard and germinates best after some cold conditioning.  Fall planted seed may germinate in a few months in a cold greenhouse, or if planted in the shadehouse or outdoor nursery bed will germinate in the spring.  To sow in spring, plant early enough so that the seed experiences at least 30 days of cold moist soils, or give 30 days cold moist stratification in the refrigerator before planting. Germination usually occurs between 30 and 90 days after planting.  Pot up seedlings to individual pots and grow on until sufficiently sized to survive on the landscape.  Space shrubs at least 15 feet apart.

20 seeds per packet, Open Pollinated, Untreated, NO GMO's

Witch Hazel, Ozark (Hamamelis vernalis) packet of 20 seeds