Wild Yam, Chinese (Dioscorea batatas), 20 live aerial tubers, organic [INTL NO]


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Family:  Yam (Dioscoreaceae)

Hardy to Zones 4 to 8.

(Shan-yao, Cinnamon Vine, Wild Yam, Chinese Wild Yam) (Syn. Dioscorea opposita) Perennial vine.   Does well in pots. In the humid evenings and mornings, the flowers exude a rich Cinnamon fragrance.  The underground and aerial tubers are eaten and are delicious–bake or slice thinly and fry on a pan.  Oh, yum, yum.  Direct seed in rich soil or plant in pots fall, spring, or summer.

Aerial tubers, Certified Organically Grown  {SORRY, NO INTERNATIONAL SALES}