Valerian, Mountain (Valeriana montana), packet of 20 seeds


Family:  Valerian (Valerianaceae) (also Caprifoliaceae)

Hardy to Zones 4 to 7

(Dwarf Valerian) Herbaceous perennial mountain dweller flowering pink to a maximum height of 18 inches.  Native to continental Europe from Spain across to Greece, including the Alps and the Pyrenees.  Plant grows well in shade garden or rockery, and in nature is found growing in cracks in rocks, scree slopes, rocky soils, thin soils of woodland or streamside.  This is the European form of our Sitka valerian, with similar habits, also sharing the fragrant flower, strongly-scented foliage and roots.  All valerian derived originally from the Himalayas, and several ecotypes have evolved independently.  They share similar chemistry, traditionally used (TWM): Sedative, hypnotic.  To grow the seeds, sow on surface, press in and keep warm and evenly moist until germination.  Work up seedlings in successively larger pots and transplant out to 1 to 2 feet apart.

20 seeds per packet, open-pollinated, untreated, no GMO’s

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Valerian, Mountain (Valeriana montana), packet of 20 seeds