Thyme, Spiked (Thymbra spicata), packet of 20 seeds


Family:  Mint (Lamiaceae)

Hardy to Zones 7 to 10

Evergreen woody subshrub to 18 inches tall, native to Greece.  With outsize, lipped flowers of lavender and glossy, oil-rich leaves the plant is pretty on the dryland landscape, well-loved by bees.  The dried leaf is a good condiment, similar to Zaatar.  Traditional usage (TWM): Carminative, vermifuge.  Plant prefers full sun and dry soils.  Harvest leaves prior to flowering.  Trim back in fall to 1 inch above previous year’s growth.  Press seeds into surface and keep warm, evenly moist and in the light until germination.   Thin or transplant to 2 feet apart.

20 seeds per packet, Open Pollinated, Untreated, NO GMO’s

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Thyme, Spiked (Thymbra spicata), packet of 20 seeds