Tea Tree, Australian (Melaleuca alternifolia), packet of 100 seeds, Organic


Family: Myrtle (Myrtaceae)

Hardy to Zones 8 to 11

(Australian Tea Tree, Melaleuca Oil) Perennial evergreen tree native to Australia. Spongy-white trunk, gently aromatic foliage and flowers like white gossamer.  Plantation grade — source of the popular germacidal essential oil.  Seed harvested from our own trees is nice and fresh.  Tea trees are good for indoor use–slow-growing, pleasant.  Prefers full sun and ever-moist, even swampy soil.  Plants can easily be stressed if roots dry out.  Sow in spring, in the warm greenhouse, or anytime under lights.  Sprinkle tiny seed on top of potting soil and tamp in, then keep evenly moist until germination.  These are always amazing when they emerge, that something so large can come from something so small–its a miracle, really.  Work up in pots for a year or two before transplanting to landscape. Flowers are a frizzy, puffball sort of aromatic thing, giving way to the tiny pods filled with the ultra-tiny seeds.
100 seeds/pkt., Certified Organically Grown

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