1/2 Gallon Strictly Medicinal Kitchen Press, 2 Tons, Spring-Loaded Return


MADE IN AMERICA by Strictly Medicinal, LLC.    Press is fully assembled and ready to use, comes complete with extra hose and 2 pressing bags.  This is our KITCHEN PRESS, which is designed with the home-based herbalist in mind.  The press is for pressing out herbal tinctures, infused herbal oils, and juice from any botanical you can mash prior to pressing, such as carrots, grapes, tomatoes, calendula flowers, chickweed–you name it!  Heavy steel construction, all stainless steel herb contact surfaces, 1/2 gallon per load, 2 tons of pressure, easy action, spring-loaded return, wide base for solid seating on kitchen counter.  Basically, this press has all the same features as our more expensive lab press with the following differences:  No pressing block required, black matte finish, lower profile, lower pressure and lower price!


  • Heavy steel construction, lower profile, solid base for kitchen counter
  • All stainless steel herb contact surfaces, including custom piston, perforated inner pan and outer pan with spout
  • Processes smallest tincture batches up to 1/2 gallon at a pressing
  • Normal turn-around time 15 minutes per pressing
  • Easily presses out 2 gallons of tincture per hour
  • Automatic spring-loaded return (very smooth)
  • Powered by a screw-type 2-ton hydraulic jack.  Turn the crank and gradually press out your herbal goods.  Simple and efficient.
  • Measures 10 1/2 inches wide and 25 inches tall and 8 inches deep
  • Weighs 42 lbs




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1/2 Gallon Strictly Medicinal Kitchen Press, 2 Tons, Spring-Loaded Return