Stainless Steel and Cedar Herb Rubbing Screen, medium mesh

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MADE IN AMERICA by Strictly Medicinal  This Medium Grade Herb Rubbing Screen is specifically designed to help remove sticks from dried culinary herbs, to produce a fine product for dried herb sales and/or cooking.  The large size allows for a vigorous and unimpeded sweep of the arm while hand-grinding the coarse herb through the screen.  This improves efficiency when working with any size pile of dried herb from small quantities up to 500 g at a time, depending on fluffiness.  This screen will also work very well to reduce dried medicinal herbs to the proper grind for tincturing (which will improve alcohol coverage, lack of which is a stumbling block for home medicine makers).  This screen can also be used for separating small seeds (e.g. basils) from chaff, in seed cleaning.  This is a very sturdy frame made of port orford cedar, measuring 18 inches square and 3.5 inches tall, reinforced with large fine-thread galvinized screws. The screen is very sturdy, stainless steel mesh, specifically 12 mesh (12 strands per inch) of .028″ stainless wire.  Weight–5 lbs.


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